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Among The Dead

by Corpse

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released November 20, 2015

All Songs (c) 2015 Corpse. All Rights Reserved
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by 2015 Corpse
(c) 2015 SkyBurnsBlack Records



all rights reserved


Corpse Owensboro, Kentucky

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Track Name: King Of Tyre
You Tried To Make Yourself God
Walked In Eden
The Garden Of God
Cast Down From Heaven
Perfect In All Your Ways
Until Sin Was Found In You
Cast Down From Heaven

You Have Been Stripped
Of All Your Power
Cast Down For All To See
Quickly Approaching Is The Hour
You Will Be Cast Into
That Fiery Sea
Cast Down From Heaven
Track Name: Among The Dead
Crack Open Your Eyes
For The First Time
You Realize You're
Among The Dead
A Sea Of Endless Corpses
Empty Cold Remains
You Try To Talk To Them
But See It's Not The Same
As Before You Were Risen
From The Grave
Alive In Christ
Now Upon The Mountain Top
You Can See Both Far And Wide
Their Empty Sunken Faces
And Cannibalistic Minds
They Eat Each Others Skulls
And Chew Each Others Bones
Psychopathic Mongering
They're Dead With
Hearts Of Stone
Kill Feed
Death Is All They Know
It's Time To Shed Light
On Their Disease
Track Name: Chilling Fear
In The Dark Are You Afraid
You Can't See Me
But I Am Here
In The Dark
You Feel The Chill
That Chill Is Me
Coming Near You
When Darkness Falls
I'll Be There
To Watch Your Soul
Wither And Fade
To Feed Your Thoughts
And Nightmares
I Am Fear, Be My Slave
Be My Slave
Enslaved In The
Name Of Fear
Insane, Driven Mad
By Darkened Days
Will Never Be The Same
Look Back And See
The Light That's Faded
Is Just A Trepidating Dream
Outdo The Sickening Lies
Of Fear Itself
It Has No Power
That We Don't Give
Fear Has No Power
Of Its Own
Over Those In Christ Alone
Track Name: Open Mind, Straight To Hell
Open Mind Straight To Hell
Satan Rings
Your Dinner Bell
How Wide Should
This Mind Be Open
Big Enough
To Fall Right Through
Renew Your Mind In Christ
Jesus Christ
Don't Let An Open Mind
Seal Your Fate
Keep Your Faith
Where It Belongs
You'll Let Satan Keep
Your Life In Check
But Not Our Father
Becoming Reprobate
Renew Your Mind In Christ
Jesus Christ
Faith Be Your Brakes
So Go Do Your Voodoo
Wickan Spell
And Take It With You
Straight To Hell
Renew Your Mind In Christ
Jesus Christ